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Produce and co-host a weekly podcast focusing on JMU Sports focusing on the latest trends and news to bring the best possible podcast to our listeners. Collaborating with the co-host to develop new social-first content that will bring more recognition to our brand through graphics and engaging video content. Review and analyze our page’s analytics to see what type of content is landing best with our followers and curating our social plan to enhance what is working best. 

Article Preview

This tweet teases the link that was shared.

Podcast preview

To help increase podcast numbers we would tweet key sayings from the podcast in a graphic form as a way to get people excited for the podcast that would release the next day.

Live game tweeting

Tweeting something specific from an on going game, this tweet also gained tractions and racked up over 100+ likes.

Different links tweet

During this time period we had a lot of content and this tweet featured it all and the different avenues to reach it all.

Beer news

Breaking news tweet.

Countdown to the regular season

A tweet that links to our website and that teases it where people read then retweet.

Where are they now?

This tweet spiked engagement since it is a known JMU Star.

Gameday return?

The keywords in this increased engagement on this post and website traffic.

Quote tweet

Our ability to expand on news in the form of quote tweeting.

Best JMU Athlete

This tweet was one that had HUGE engagement numbers. People wanted to talk about it which got it onto other people's feeds.

Countdown tweet
Header for JMUSN

We have grown to have 700+ followers in less than year focusing solely on JMU Sports.

This group of four tweets goes along with the best JMU Athlete tweet and the link above. We are running a poll for each round for JMU fans to vote on the best JMU athlete. We use motion graphics, while simple, to grab the attention of the casual scroller and attach the polls via thread. This helps increase voting and engagement. 

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