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Harrisonburg Turks

Sample of tweets and graphics made during my summer internship with a Valley League Baseball team where I served as color commentator and social media lead

Turks Gameday

This tweet highlighted the upcoming matchup as well as the different ways you could tune in to watch.

Turks Gameday

This tweet provided a graphic answering who, what, when and where and the tweet gave a little more background into the matchup as well.


This is a picture that was tweeted directly after a big-time win. It included stats from a player who had his best game of the season.

Thread (1/3)

This was a thread that included stats against a rival. Included are the original tweet, a graphic and stats.

Thread (2/3)
Thread (3/3)
Postgame boxscore

This tweet highlighted what the playoff chase was looking like since it was the end of the season.

Gameday tweet

Highlights the upcoming game and the starting pitcher.

Turks in the Pros

Kyle Arjona signed with the Phillies at the midway point of the season, this tweet gave fans an update.

Playoff race

This tweet shows the magnitude of the game. It helped increase fan attendance.

After rain update

This tweet kept fans in the loop and let them know that the game was still on, even right after a thunderstorm.

Lineup tweet

Pregame lineup so the fans knew what to expect.

Players of the Game

For fans who couldn't make it out to the away game this was tweeted so they knew who had a great game.

Playoff hype
Highlighting players

This was tweeted at the end of the season to highlight players who had a productive summer.

Playoffs are here

The Turks crept into the playoffs as the final seed, so this tweet was to increase fan engagement going into the series.

Final tweet

This was my last tweet with the team highlights players who received league wide recognition.

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